Why Young People Gangs?

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ASS067-2 YOUNG PEOPLE, GANGS STUDENT ID: 1321586 TITLE: WHY YOUNG PEOPLE JOIN GANGS? This essay plan will explore the key factors that influence young people to join gangs in the contemporary society by using criminology literatures. In addition, this essay will demonstrate a brief overview of the term gangs and scrutinize the relevant government policies and practice in response to deter and address young people from engaging in gang’s activity. The main discussion will focus on why young people join gangs in our society. However, the term gang is a complex and confusing word which does not have explicit and accurate definition Bullock and Tilley (2008) assert that gangs or bunch of hooligan youth group is any durable street-oriented youth group whose involvement in illegal, criminal and anti-social behavior is part of their identity. In addition, gang is an organized group of criminals and hoodlum carrying out dangerous activities such as armed robbery, stealing of properties, involved in prostitution and other anti-social behaviors that cause severe threat to society (De La Rue, 2014). More so, research and study shows that social structure make young people to join gangs as results of frustration, some poor people resort to several adaptations, including gangsters’ deviance and criminals behaviors (Alleyne and Wood, 2010). Moreover, Vigil (2003) suggests that neighborhood is another indispensable factor that motivates young people to become gang members. According to Densely (2012) neighborhood contributes a greater role in persuading and trigger off young people joining gangs in the contemporary society by initiating friends and fellow citizens to participate in gang’s activity through the influence of neighborhood relationship. Similarly, DeCesare (2003) highlights that lack of education and unemployment makes

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