Why Should We Care About Child Poverty in the Uk?

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Why should we care about child poverty in the UK? Britain is considered to be a rich country with a high level of wealth, yet millions of people live in households where they suffer from economic and social deprivation, with millions of children living in poverty. According to information on [www.cpag.org.uk], there are 3.6 million children living in poverty, which is 27% of children, or one in four. Localised poverty statistics are even worse as between 50 and 70% of children are growing up in poverty in some areas of the UK. Evidence suggests that there are 5 main groups of people who are more at risk from poverty than others. Lone parents, large families, people with disabilities, minority and ethnic groups and working families are the most vulnerable, according to Banardos. Children of today are the futures of this country, and everyone has the right to live in a safe and caring environment, with equal rights and access to education and healthcare. We all need to play a part in breaking the child poverty cycle to ensure every child has an equal chance of success in life. As mentioned above there are many reasons why a child lives in poverty, and we will now look at these in more detail. The five main groups all have one thing in common, which is lack of resources. This can be due to the adults not having a job, being unable to work as they have a disability, or not being eligible to work in the country. A large amount of the information used has been taken from the Banardos website. Many people who are out of work rely on state benefits to survive, and if they have children these benefits often are not enough to keep the family above the poverty line, hence the children suffer by lacking basic essentials such as new school uniforms, schoolbooks, pens, pencils etc, and therefore their education suffers. If these children can’t get a decent education then they
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