Cyp Childcare Essay

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Wendie burton CYP CORE 37 1.1 Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people. Cultural factors can impact on a child’s life, they may need to attend a certain school associated with their religion which may lead to a less balanced education. They may witness or experience abuse on the grounds of their religious beliefs. Religious beliefs can also affect a child’s life experience as the parents may not want their child to join in with other religious education so the child will not learn about different cultures and may miss out on activities. Social factors can have a large impact on children. Children who are not given the opportunity to socialist tend to become isolated and find it hard to make friends, they may become withdrawn and shy on meeting people and find it hard to communicate. Children then find it hard to become confident and may not feel they can ask for help or advice if needed. Economic factor such as a family living on a low income and may not be able to provide for their children as hoped. A Childs home can have an effect on their physical and mental health, making them more vulnerable to illness or disability due to poor diet or quality of food. Children can become a target for bullying as a result to poor hygiene or clothing and will make them feel they are not good enough. 1.2 Explain the importance and impact of poverty on outcomes and life changes for children and young people. Poverty is one of the five every child matters outcomes, is for families to achieve economic well- being. Poverty can impact on a Children’s life chances and outcomes. Poverty can also lead to unemployment, parental separation, illness addictions and crime. Children may suffer from malnutrition or a poor diet as a result of a parent not being able to afford quality food. People on low incomes are
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