Every Child Deserves a Family

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Every child deserves to have a family. Orphanage dammage children Children growing up in orphanages- wether they be government or private ones do not get the care they need. Research proves that without individual care, attention and stimulation, children’s brains and neurological systems do not develop normally. They develop learning disabilities, they have growth delays and they struggle with the psychological trauma of losing their parents and the abuse that led to the horrible end. Children cannot raise themselves. Without families, the odds are against them growing into productive citizens and the loss to society is devastating. Many children without parents don’t finish high school, they end up homeless and in our prisions. They are prime candidates for trafficking, prostitution, terrorists and becoming child soldiers. The loss of human potential is incalculable. With family support, most of these children can function successfully. Many will have some lasting damage- learning challenges, emotional problems- but with the help of patient, campassionate parents they can learn and succeed. They have tremendous ability to be contributing members of. society Why do famous people adopt children? Whether altruism and love, or self-interest -- or some of each -- are motivational factors behind celebrity adoptions, there is no denying the stars' actions are influencing others. In fact, the popularity of adoption among celebrities has been credited with helping to broaden the general public's definition of what constitutes a desirable adoption. That includes looking beyond the comparatively limited prospects for finding notoriously high-in-demand, healthy white infants. It seems as though, just about every week, some famous person is adopting a child. Whether it is a movie star, a musician, or some other form of entertainer, it is not all that uncommon
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