Why Pe Should Be Mandatory

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Why PE Should be Mandatory Obesity has climbed in young people since the 1980’s. Kids have more things to entertain themselves, such as video games, television, and other electronic devices. So what can we do to lower obesity in young people? We can teach kids in school why it’s important to be and stay in shape, through PE class. By doing activities that the kids would enjoy rather than doing activities they don’t like and wouldn’t participate in. In order to slow down obesity in youths in the United States, PE should be mandatory in all schools. If the schools PE programs made the kids stay active they could help overweight kids or kids that want to be in shape lose some weight. Young people are in worse physical shape than earlier generations, according to the U.S. surgeon, only about one half of U.S. children get regular exercise and one fourth does not get any exercise at all. As a result obesity has risen substantially since the 1980’s. So if PE classes keep the students active the students might be able to get into shape. Because on average students are only active for about 16 minutes during PE class. This is because of changing time, going over instructions, and taking tests which takes up time. They could solve the problem by not requiring the students to take tests in PE. According to Illinois law, the main goal of having daily physical education is to “enhance our health and well-being.” So why do they teachers give out tests when the students could be doing activities that would keep them active. Teachers could easily stop giving the students written tests and keep them active. If schools would do this they could help student be in shape. Physical Education classes should make class fun for the students instead of making it work for the students. Playing games such as basketball, soccer, or even kick ball could be enjoyable for the students to

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