Issues Impacting Physical Education

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Issues Impacting Physical Education Julie Gray PED 212 Instructor William Swisher October 31, 2011 Issues Impacting Physical Education Children in today’s society are being robbed of their future, simply because of their environment both at home and at school. Due to the economic situation we’ve encountered over the past few years, more parents are required to work; some work more days and some work more hours, some do both. The ones that suffer the most are the children. They are forced to be less active which in turn causes them to be less healthy and more obese both of which can directly affect academic performance. It is vital that parents and educators get involved and work together in helping students to become more physically active and on the right path to becoming and staying healthy. “Schools need to reinstate mandatory physical education programs and understand the inseparable link between good academics and good health. Kids who are fit tend to do better in school” (Seidner, 2011). Children deserve every opportunity to succeed in life and that success begins in elementary school. Parents are the main link to children and their health with educators following; as the main sources of our children’s health and well-being, any and all necessary actions should be taken to help children realize their true potential at home, in school and in life. When children aren’t taught how to eat nutritiously, exercise safe and effectively, and succeed academically, they aren’t given a fair shot from the start and that will continue as they grow into adulthood. Children who are obese usually inherit that trait or the behaviors that lead to obesity from their parents/caregivers. They eat unhealthy food and don’t exercise simply because their parents don’t; it can be a vicious cycle that will continue until it’s broken. Parents, unfortunately, don’t
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