Michigan Education Problems

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Frank Reimann 12/3/13 Michigan Education There are many problems with public education in Michigan, but the biggest problem that we are faced with is the impact of social and economic disadvantages on many schools and students. The expectations for kids in the 21st century are set very high, but with poverty levels increasing and school budgets being cut, how are they supposed to keep up with the rest of the world? I believe that a way that the businesses could support schools is by forming a relationship with them. Because after all the businesses are the ones who benefit most from educated people. The higher educated the worker, the more the businesses will benefit. A relationship between the schools and businesses just makes sense.…show more content…
The demand for higher level courses and enhanced skills has increased the pressure on states to common assessments. This means higher stakes to the public school system. Unfortunately with the increase in poverty levels more students are coming to school hungry which impacts their ability to learn. In 2000 kids were eligible for reduced price lunches, but since then the price has steadily gone up every year, and now there is barely a difference in price. Many parents can’t afford to send their kids to school with a lunch, and with the price of lunches going up how can we expect these children get the best education available? 50-100 years ago only middle class and upper class people were educated. Now every social class is attending school, and it is expected that every student obtain a certain level of education. An Increase lower economic levels has strained the educational system. On top of all this, there are students placed into classes that they are not properly prepared. This takes away from the teachers ability to teach the core curriculum. Many of these students come from other countries with English being their second language. How can we expect those students to keep up with the pace if they don’t know English that well? In addition many students have disabilities. Many schools are not prepared to provide classes for students with disabilities, this causes the disabled student to fail classes failing school and end up living in

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