Correlation Between Poverty And Starvation

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Kyle Close English 100 Professor Potratz 4, December, 2013 Poverty and Starvation In the united states there are about 4.6 million people on food stamps that are unemployed and go threw a day to day fight and struggle to stay alive and provide food for their family. Ever since the 1980s America has slowly see the decline of the middle class. Americas economy is getting better but is still not good. Parents go through a daily fight and struggle to keep food in their family's stomachs, keep them healthy, and trying to find a job to provide for their family. Food stamps used to be able to help people but it seems today they are causing more of a problem. Even the people that collect the food stamps can sometimes take advantage of them.…show more content…
There are abut 47 million people on food stamps. Also more than eighty percent of the people that are on food stamps have a monthly income that is below the poverty line( ). Food stamps have also taken a cut in how much money they give out. This has become a big problem because people on food stamps are already struggling enough as it is and then when the food stamp company takes more money away from a family it makes it even harder for them to get food and provide for their family. Food stamps are also not accepted everywhere. So an individual that uses them has to pick and choose on where they go to get their food. A family is also limited to the amount of food stamps they get. A family that has more family members will get just about as much food stamps as a family with a couple family members. That makes it a lot harder for a bigger family to survive when they only have a limited amount of food stamps, because they have a big family which means they are going to have more mouths to feeds. So if they only have so many food stamps then the family is limited to how much they eat each day. Even though food stamps are designed to help they are starting to cause a…show more content…
Usually the people that collect food stamps are the people that are unemployed which is fine because that is what food stamps are designed for they are designed to help people in need. But when individuals just collect the food stamps and do not go out and look for a job then they are just abusing the system. This year there was a big crisis in Louisiana regarding food stamps. The food stamp system received a glitch where for certain people they had an unlimited spending amount. When people in Louisiana heard about this they ransacked their local wal-mart clearing out the shelves complete. Some people gathered up so much grocery's that they where outside packing up their cars for two hours. The saddest part of the whole story is when those individuals realized that the food stamp system had caught the glitch, and they no longer had a unlimited spending amount, they just left their shopping carts that where filled high full of grocery and left the store. All those employees had to gather up all those baskets and restock the shelves and clean up the horrific mess those people left behind. Even though food stamps are meant to help out people, sometimes individuals will just take advantage of

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