“Broken Families Shattered Dreams”

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Daysi Rubio Mrs. Legaspi 11-17-11 English3P 6th period (TPA) “Broken Families Shattered Dreams” The word “criminal” is a very different from the word “immigrant.” Immigrants migrate for different reasons. They bring different and new cultures to the United States of America. Illegal Immigrants have their struggles in life. Being deported is their biggest fear. Pregnant women, young children and hard working fathers come to the United States for a better future. Would you be able to migrate to the United States as a young child, pregnant woman, or and a hard working father in dangerous conditions? The United States should add a law that has amnesty where immigrants can get their freedom and peace (papers) but not those who committed a crime, so that way immigrants can pursue their dreams and prevent separation from their families. Immigrants migrate for different reasons and one of those reasons is to provide for their family’s needs. They have to work to send money to their families in Mexico. So their families in Mexico could buy food, clothes, and be able to build a shelter. Even though we put our hard work in the field picking up strawberries it is not enough because, we get paid the minimum wage. The minimum wage is eight dollars and forty-five cents not even close to put food on the table for one day. According to my father an immigrant himself, said that approximately about two hundred people cross over each night. Some less than one hundred do not make it because of The “Rio Grande” and because of dehydration and hunger. They have no choice but to continue walking without any water or food for days. When they see the border patrol they have to run quick and find a spot to hide. Sometimes the (Coyotes) just leave them anywhere or turn them into ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to get more money than expected. The American Dream to

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