Immigration: The Problem Of Illegal Immigrants

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Immigration Immigrants in todays’ society come to America for a better life, opportunities, and to be free. The Hispanics will do whatever it takes to any extreme to get beyond our borders to have the possibilities we ensure. The traffic of illegal immigrants in America currently is a problem we face because, they have taken the jobs some Americans could obtain to support their families in todays economy. We must find extract the reasons these immigrants flock to America because they’re taking jobs away from Americans during this horrid economy. Illegal immigrants have broken the law by sneaking across the borders of the United States of America. They are often forced to do so out of a desperate need to survive and support their families.…show more content…
Close to 24% of Mexico's population live in extreme poverty, which means they live on less than $1 a day. The bottom 40% of Mexican households shares less than 11% of the country's wealth. Millions live in extreme poverty, and children are compelled to work on the streets in order to help provide food for their families.” Of course Hispanics want to settle in America with these facts. Us Americans have it phenomenal while many Mexicans live in poverty, and they just want to provide a better living for their…show more content…
I don’t buy that, along with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our Creator endowed anyone with the right to sneak into the United States, bypass our laws and set up shop. Maybe our immigration laws do need fixing. But this is a discussion for American citizens. In English”(458). For example, Star Parker is correct because, if you read labels today on any object, they partake in having Spanish right along side with English. Hispanics are slowing becoming a vast culture group in the United States. Additionally, we Americans do need to fix our laws and its something we need to accomplish by starting off speaking all in English. Another example is said: “Activists who fight illegal immigration oppose a new California law that bans cities from requiring businesses to use E-Verify, an online program that enlists federal databases to check the immigration status of workers. Several California cities had required businesses to enroll in the program to ensure that they weren't employing undocumented workers, but these cites no longer are allowed to force businesses to use it.” On MEL I came along this small article and it flattered me that this website was shutdown. The government may get involved in many things they should not but this is a positive outcome. It is benefiting the American people so illegals cannot work here and take jobs that should be long to citizens who pay taxes. Maybe these

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