Foreign Product Taxes Initial Argument

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Foreign product taxes, or tariffs, were initially imposed to help in the growth of our country by keeping infant industries alive, as well as to bring in revenue for the United States federal government in its early days. But, as time has gone on, people have started to question whether these protective measures are actually helping or hurting us. And after much research, I can definitely assure you that tariffs are detrimental to our country’s well-being. By having these taxes on foreign products, people are naturally going to turn away and opt for something cheaper. So when these domestic companies are getting a steady flow of customers and income, they no longer have any need or incentive for improving the quality of their products. Even if the companies wanted to improve upon their product, the only way they would be able to do so, is by removing taxes on foreign products. But by not doing so, they are rejecting new ideas into their companies and are basically just promoting isolationism since they are refusing to work with other countries and allow them to ship and sell their products freely in the States. This isolationism will cause things like unemployment because when we are refusing to work with other countries, anything related to foreign business is negatively affected. It is also necessary to allow foreign products to come in so competition will increase. Basic ally, the underlying flaw under foreign product taxes is that it cuts off greater innovations and negatively affects our economy. -Even if we wanted to improve, remove taxes b/c by imposing taxes we don’t accept new ideas into our companies and nothing is innovative anymore. We are promoting isolationism -By allowing foreign products to come in, competition is brought about and we work to improve upon it. Each side improves the product and it continues in a circle. Bad
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