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Analysis On Bilingual Ballots George Wills’ “Bilingual Ballots Mock Our System” first appeared in a news article from The Washington Post. In this essay, Wills’ aims to state his opinion as to why bilingual ballots should be prohibited and done away with. He intends to persuade the reader that the United States rules of law and that our countries national identity is becoming “attenuated” by illegal immigration. That these bilingual ballots are bypassing our federal laws and in a way, these ballots are influencing illegal immigration. Wills’ claims that the federal government's chief law enforcement official might need a refresher course on federal law pertaining to legal immigrants. Some American legislators have taken up the position that prohibiting bilingual ballots would be racist. However, evidence shows that millions of other American citizens feel that prohibiting the bilingual ballot is a step in the right direction. Wills’ begins his article with a political anecdote quoted by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. When he was asked whether he would favor the prohibition of the bilingual ballot, he simply stated, “Of course not.” Wills’ continues in the next section stating that our national identity and our federal laws are being weakened by immigration that is influenced by these bilingual ballots. He also uses this anecdote in the fourth section by showing how our laws are weakening. That these illegal immigrants are able to ask for bilingual ballots because the law is weakening and they are able to immigrate into the country in illegal ways without knowing how to speak English or know anything about our politics. Although the chief rhetorical aim of the article appears to be to inform Americans rather than persuade them as to why the bilingual ballot should be prohibited, why is Will not taking up a more serious tone if he felt so strongly about the

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