Should the Federal Government Maintain the Social Safety Net for All of Its Citizens?

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Should the federal government maintain the social safety net for all of its citizens? One in seven Americans receive food stamps, a number that's up sharply since the financial crisis. Most experts agree unemployment and underemployment have contributed to the number of people in need of food assistance. The government should stop expanding food stamps because of many reasons which are people are so dependent on the government, there is a lot of fraud that goes on while receiving food stamps, and that the government is spending way too much money on the poor while other things can help them get back on their feet. Some people may argue that access to food stamps is essential for needy families. However, the truth is that there is help everywhere such as charities I agree that people need food stamps to eat but there are other ways to put food on the table. About 20% of all the recipients do not have a job which means that they entirely rely on food stamps. They are dependent on food stamps and cannot put food on the table by themselves. But this will entirely change if these people get a job because they can’t rely on food stamps forever. Roughly 85% of the food stamps recipients are single parent homes so it will be hard to go to your job if you have a young child. But Republicans have proposed to spend 1 billion dollars toward child care. People might say what’s the point of working is if you have food on the table. But there is a point because if people start working they can be independent. Republicans said “We won’t pay you not to work, but we will pay to support your working” (Attributed to Heritage Foundation) This is an example of Republicans trying to foster independence. They will receive food stamps; however they will need to work to show they want to end their dependence on government. Both food stamps and child care spending should

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