How To Reduce Poverty In America

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What our generation can do to decrease poverty in the future in America Poverty is a large issue, not only in the country of Chile, but also in many countries around. Everyday thousands of people are finding themselves well below the poverty line, some starving to death and some not even having a place to rest their heads each night. Poverty is something that many of us know is there, but were not even realizing how big of a problem it truly is. Although Chile has reached their goal to end poverty and hunger, there are plenty of ways to keep themselves there as well as ways that got them there. First of all it's so important to promote and support education. Children need to have the tools available to them in order to learn to go to high…show more content…
Poverty grows exponentially; the more people within a family the greater the chance of falling even further below the poverty line. Many of those that aren't education don't have the means to understand the practices of safe sex and many people who aren't able to take care of themselves are finding themselves with babies that they too cannot take care of. Second we need to help these poor countries by promoting a need for charity, a need for involvement from those that are better off, and a need for organizations that can support these people in need. Partnerships are so important in change and there are a lot of people out there than can financially provide these partnerships. Hold food drives, since so many of these people are starving and can't afford food. With food drives, a few dollars from each person, can make the world of a difference in providing food for these people to have at least two meals a day. Thirdly we need to encourage those that are better off to reuse their products by donating them to charity. In millions of people's homes there are thousands of items that aren't being put to use that someone else would be able to make great use

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