Why Is Getting Your Diploma/Ged Important

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Why Do I Want My Diploma? Now days, it is extremely hard to move forward in life without obtaining a High school diploma or GED. I do not want, or plan to be, one of those regretful people who fall behind in life because they never dedicated the time to graduate. Also, getting my Diploma/GED is something I need to achieve if I ever want to get a decent job and build financial stability for myself and my family. Most importantly, I want to do things in my life that I can be proud of and know that I was a good role model for my children. Without getting my Diploma/GED there is no way I can avoid the regret, gain financial stability, or feel like I can be proud of the things I have achieved. First of all, I was young when I had my first child and regret on not receving my High school diploma. I am already beating myself up about coming so close to getting it that till this day I should have stayed in school. This was all just because of feeling the embarestment of being pregnant at such a young age . The best thing for me to do now is get my Diploma/GED and not let anything get in my way. I am going to get my Diploma/GED because I know I can. Even if it wasn’t for the regret of knowing I didn’t do everything I could for myself the financial gain is a great reason for it to be worth it. I do not know anyone out there who likes to have to live paycheck to paycheck. I certainly do not want to continue to do it. Getting my Diploma/GED will help me move forward into getting a better job that I might not be able to get if I do not have it. Also, if I get my Diploma/GED, I will be able to continue with my education and open even more doors to being financially stable. This would be the number one step to moving forward in any career. In turn, this would give me the security I am looking for and allow me to be proud of the things I have done to better myself. Finally, I

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