Why Gun Violence Should Be Controlled

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America has the highest amount of ownership of guns in the world; it has 88.8 firearms per 100 people. The numbers are huge and are increasingly rising every day. Somehow we have to control the sales of guns and make sure we are selling them rapidly to the right and responsible people. There are many reasons to why adults own a gun: maybe for their protection and self –defense, or maybe because they go hunting. If the adults cannot buy a gun legally there is always the other option, to get them from selling them illegally When responsible adults buy a gun, they most likely will not use it to murder people. They would use it so they can help themselves. A lot of people are in danger every day and most of them don’t have any protection. Guns aren’t the best way to solve a problem but if you are in need for some help and protection, then a gun can help a lot. 67% of Americans own a gun for protection from crime. In addition 66% are for target shooting, and 41% for hunting (Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence). These reasons are only for personal uses and most likely will not injure any one on purpose. The security when you buy a gun should be tighter, so that not everyone can buy one. A certain type of gun should only be allowed to a certain person. Such as if your job is in the government or any other trusted position then you can be trusted. The sales representative or manger can also check for criminal back ground or anything suspicious about them. If this becomes a law then people who have committed crimes know not to come to a store and buy a gun or else they could be sent to jail. Less people will have an access to a gun causing fewer deaths to happen by gun violence conflicts. Even sale of guns illegally will go down because the dealer won’t have access to the guns either. If a law like this is passed the deaths caused by gun violence could decrease. There

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