Why Do I Want To Become A Nurse

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Why I want a Paediatric Nurse

I understand becoming a nurse involves a lot of hard work and challenging roles. However it is a lifetime career that has stability, I also know that with dedication and hard work, results in great rewards. I have a general and genuine caring nature for people, and persons in need. These reasons fuel my drive to pursue a career in nursing.

I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual, who feels that this career path to become a paediatric nurse chose me, because of my selfless love and caring nature I have for children. My children are my inspiration, in addition to other experiences that I have of taking care of my siblings, and babysitting for family members and friends.

My personalities and experiences will enable me to work effectively in the nursing field. My applicable qualities include patience, compassion, efficiency and attentiveness. I socialize well with others and I have a great sense of humour.

Due to my unbreakable spirit, my attributes have developed extremely well. I am self-disciplined, creative, motivated, work well under pressure allowing me to meet deadlines, and perform with a high degree of accuracy. I am able to work well as a part of a team and on my own. I am a confident communicator and committed to taking on new challenges.

I am fully aware that nursing not only requires having a caring personality but applicable experiences is important.

Throughout my variety of work experiences, I have had to work with different types of people. I have worked as part of a team as a telephonist, where my ability to effectively communicate and resolve issued over the telephone came in to play. I have also worked directly with people/ the public, whilst working with the Post Office as a counter clerk. Applicable skills further developed, came form being able to effectively and efficiently interact and

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