Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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My strengths and weaknesses I am an all round person who has both strengths and weaknesses that make me who I am. First of all, I am a team player who works well with other people whenever we have a joint task to complete. I believe in playing a collective role in order to assist the people that I am working with in order to meet our objectives and ensure the success of the organization. I have the power and ability to work well with colleagues and I consider this as my strength. Secondly, I also have good communication skills that offer me an opportunity to pass messages well to other people as well as relating with them in an appropriate manner. I exhibit clarity of thought in my expressions whenever I have to pass or receive information from anyone. As they say, communication is power and therefore my ability to communicate well makes me understand concepts well and reciprocate as per the instructions. I am also able to appeal to many people with whom we create a warm working relationship. I am also a social person who easily bonds with people around me. I am warm and therefore I easily create friendship with people that I encounter so I find my relation with them smooth all the time. People will always want to associate with someone who is social fir they believe that they will benefit from what the person possesses and in the long run they will also get to learn new concepts. In every task that I undertake, I am always hard working for I believe in giving my best in all that I do. This has earned me respect from my peers and superiors for I give my full commitment and dedication to my work. I value positive outcomes from any work that I carry out so this inspires me towards working hard for rewards and self fulfillment. Genuine hard work has paid me well and enabled me to grow into a reliable person in life. As I had

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