Life Styles Inventory Paper

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Identify your primary and backup thinking styles When completing a test like the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), I believe the results could be skewed depending on the type of mood a person is in and I started to question if these results were truly what I represented. I did some self analyzing and the longer I thought about it, the more I began to agree with these results. My primary personal thinking style is Affiliative (83rd percentile) and my backup is Self-Actualizing (75th percentile). Its interesting that these two styles, Affiliative and Self-Actualizing, are my top two. I know that most of my life I have been in the Constructive style, but I was expecting higher scores in the Aggressive/Defensive styles. It actually took me a few days to determine how these two manifest in my personal and work life. I would say that I am an Affiliative person. I enjoy sharing responsibilities and getting others involved in completing tasks and assignments. In addition, I get pleasure from being able to sustain a satisfying relationship. Self-Actualizing is definitely me. I have always tried to have an energetic and exciting approach to life. In addition, I am always trying to better myself though my relationships with my coworker and friends. I believe I am able to bring change and improvement to myself and other by being me. I enjoy making people laugh at themselves when they do silly things, instead of beating themselves up inside. The Affiliative Style measures the degree of commitment to forming and sustaining satisfying relationship. In addition, it represents a need for social interaction and interpersonal contact. A few of the characteristics are: a tendency to value relationships above all else, a need to build relationships that are meaningful and reciprocal, strong, well-developed interpersonal skills and a tendency to motivate others using genuine praise

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