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501 Use and develop systems that promote communication Shoaib Qurban 3. Be able to improve communication systems to support partnership working. It is common in this company that there are two co-ordinators elected to manage each area. It is important that the communication between the two colleagues is to a good level in order for work to be carried out properly and efficiently. The communication systems that are in place that promote this partnership working are very similar to the communication systems used to talk to other colleagues in the companies. The call logging system can be used for anyone to look at so would be useful in communication between partners. All office staff are provided with a telephone with a direct line and…show more content…
If this system is followed correctly, it enables good standard of work to be carried out and also means that company policies and procedures are being followed correctly. In the company, partners are seated next to each other which does prove very effective as it enables good communication between each other. This proves very effective as messages can be passed on straight away and conversations can also be heard. The seating plan does prove very effective when working as a team. Although the systems in place for partnership working do prove useful there are many ways that they can be improved. There are also many other systems and methods that can be put into place to improve communication between partners. One method, which is a very simple method could be a white board. Any important messages or tasks that need to be looked at could be put onto this notice board along with a tick box that can be ticked when completed. This simple method could be very useful and effective for partnership working as it will allow all partners to have simple access and will be accessible at all times. It will also enable managers to have a little track of what needs doing and whether tasks have been completed or not. People working in partnership can also have a book with any day to day tasks that need to be completed which should be updated as soon as tasks come to hand are given which can then be accessed and checked off once completed. This will also help things be more
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