Why Did War Break Out in 1914?

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Why did the World War break out in 1914? Bosnia was a country in the southern east of Europe, many of the people who lived there were Serbs, Serbs are Slavic people who have a connection with Russia, Bosnia’s neighbour Serbia wanted to unite the majority of the people agreed but then in 1908 Bosnia was taken over by Austria-Hungary. Nearly all of the Bosnia’s despised this and resisted. On the 28th June the heir to the throne of Austria- Hungary; Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie paid a visit to the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, then an 18 year old terrorist a member from the Black Hand gang, Gavrilo Princip assonated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Austrians blamed the Serbs for the deaths and issued them with a set of irrational demands and threatened to invade if they were ignored. Serbia’s ally Russia didn’t want the Austrians expanding, Serbia and Russia spoke a similar language and religion, so Russia supported them and if Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia, Russia would attack Austria-Hungary. In 1870s Austria-Hungary made alliance with Germany and in 1882 Italy joined (this was the Triple Alliance) Germany supported Austria- Hungary no matter what would happen. In 1894 the dual entente between France and Russia was made (France made allies with Russia) and if Germany attacked Russia, France would charge straight through Germany to Champagne (that was the French army’s plan called plan 17) they never went through with the plan though. The German army had a plan on how they would defeat France before the Russian army were ready to fight, (this was called the Schlieffen Plan), instead of entering France the most predicted way, through the French borderline, they would go through Belgium a neutral country (and taking it), then they would defeat France in 6 weeks, then they would deal with Russia. Britain had been worried about Germany since Kaiser
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