How Gavliop Princip Affected Canada

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History Year End Essay The single event that has changed Canada and the world the most is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne. If this had not happened, then the world today as we know it would have been completely different. When the heir to the Austrian throne and his wife were fatally wounded by Gavrilo Princip, it set off an entire chain of events that would define the 20th century, and still affect the 21st century. The July Crisis was one of the events that was sparked by the assassination. When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated it set off the July Crisis, which were negotiation meetings to try to prevent war. Austria was outraged that their heir had been assassinated. Germany had promised their support to Austria if an event like this was to happen. Following the July Crisis, Austria delivered the July Ultimatum, which were 10 outrageous demands directed towards Serbia. When Serbia only met 8 of the 10 demands, Austria immediately declared war on Serbia. The problem was that if Serbia was invaded, Russia would get involved. They were unwilling to allow Austria to eliminate their influence in the Balkans, and in support of their Serb protégés, warned that if Serbia was to be invaded, there would be war. However, Austria ignored all this, and invaded Serbia, which set off World War 1. At this time, Canada was still a colony of Britain. When Britain got involved in war, so did Canada. When war started, everyone was excited. Since everyone expected the war to be over by Christmas, and that they thought something exciting was happening in their lifetimes, everyone enlisted. In Canada alone, enlistment rates When they arrived on the battlefield, they found out that in reality, war was a nightmare. In battles such as Passchendaele, the fields were full of mud, everyone suffered from mal nutrition, and
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