Canada-Us Relations; 1940-1958

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How Canada-US relations evolved from 1940-1958 In 1940, Canada’s main relation was with Britain. As the war started however, Canada started having much more relations with the USA and slowly less with Great Britain. The Canadians had started to change the largest connection between the country and Britain. As the post-war economy started to change for the better, Canada signed many different acts with the United States, as the Canadians were signing these many acts and agreements; they had not wanted to leave out the British. They signed agreements allowing Britain to stay within contact of Canada and the United States so none of the countries would run into economic troubles. The Korean War marked when Canada had become an independent country and began to fight under the American’s this was a first in Canadian history. The Canadians fought under American order for the first time in Canada’s history. In May 1940 Hitler had controlled most of Europe. With only Britain standing in the way of the German empire the stage was set for a long and gruesome battle between the two countries. Hitler thought that the British had no choice but to surrender. Although Winston Churchill opposed appeasement, Winston Churchill asked William king if he could send in some Canadian troops over to Europe to help out in the war. Immediately Canada sent 50 000 troops over to Britain to give the soldiers some help. The war was long and many lives were lost but the Canadians and the British still ended up winning the war. After the war had ended Canada’s relations with Britain had started to diminish, as the Canadians started to deal with the Americans. The Canadians wanted to expand its relations with other countries. The United States wanted to fight communism in Russia and Europe. To help the spread of communism throughout Europe, the United States setup a massive aid program
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