Canadas Involvement in the Second Boer War

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Canada’s Involvement in the Second Boer War Canada’s involvement in the second Boer War lacked the strong integrity that Canada had been building since confederation in 1867. This mistake cost Canada a set back in their independence from the British Empire. Imperialism became a large issue when Canada allowed Britain to make important decisions, regarding Canadian lives, for them. Canada allowed Britain to rule them through military imperialism, which affects the entire country on a whole. This mistake also made ever lasting conflict between French and English connections and relationships in Canada. The government did not solve their issues with the poorly thought out solution to this massive debate. Their final decision turned the leaders of the country against each other and practically had members of the House of Commons in fist fights. By being pushed around by their Mother Country, Canada successfully used half an effort to fight in the war and half an effort to keep everyone happy. The lack of full government support greatly contributed to this. All in all, Canada’s involvement in the Second Boer War was a mistake that did not serve the best interests of the country. For Canada, confederation was a time to cut many ties with Britain and become their own independent country. However, the Boer War was a large set back in this area because of the way Britain tried to control Canada in their decisions, and Canada unfortunately let them. Laurier was opposed to imperial confederation and believed that the Canadian cabinet should decide Canada’s participation in the war. If this was the case then why did Canada enter the war while Laurier was Prime Minister if he was so opposed to imperialism? Henri Bourassa put imperialism parallel to militarism and commercialism and therefore criticized the British Empire greatly. Bourassa stated, “All empires are hateful. They
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