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ISU Phase One Boer War What I Know The topic I have chosen is the Boer War. I know that the war took place in South Africa and was between the British Empire and their comrades against the Boer people that had Danish background. The causes of the war were very complex it was built up tension over many years. Canadians were in a dilemma the Canadian prime minister at the time did not want to enter the war but there was much pressure dorm the English in Canada to help their native country. So Canada made a deal with the British they had to pay the Canadian troops at return then home at the end of the war. Over 8600 Canadian were in the Boer war and they’re were 267 Canadian casualties. Questions 1. What caused the war? 2. Who were famous Canadians in the war? 3. What was the most important event in the Boer war? 4. Who won the war? 5. What were the after affects in Canada? 6. Why Canada had difficulty entering the war? Questions that wont be answered 1. What was the total of deaths because of the war? 2. How long the war lasted? 3. Why Canada helped in the war/ In my essay I want to prove it was senseless war and it only happened because Britain wanted to be powerful. Also in my opinion we only got involved because of Britain because they ruled us. ISU Phase Two Thesis Statement Canada’s involvement in the boer war was forced upon Canadians by the british. Tasks completed and things to do Completed 1. Bibliography 2. Thesis statement 3. Listing the questions your essay will answer and which questions it will not 4. Research notes 5. Half a page describing what I know about my topic. 6. Half a page listing the questions your essay will answer and the questions it wont Things to do 1. Write an essay outline. 2. Write a rough draft. 3. Find editors to edit my rough draft. 4. Find five pictures, maps, graphs, to include ass

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