Canadian Independence Essay

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It may appear that Canada became more independent after World War I, because Canadians did gain national identity thus giving Britain less control of Canada. But as you further your knowledge about Canada’s independence, it is debatable if Canada actually became more independent or not. It is Canada’s goal to not be acknowledged as another British colony, but simply as “Canada”. Also, although Canada somewhat succeeded in being politically independent, the United States gained economic ties with Canada allowing the U.S. to take control of Canada’s economic situation. In addition, the States had socially influenced Canada greatly, in terms of culture. Canada did gain some political independence, hampered by the fact that Canada depended on the United States for much of its social and economic success. Canada’s prime minister, Mackenzie King, did not follow the regular rules set by Britain. Instead he refused to send Canadian troops with Britain to invade Turkey in 1922. (Cranny p.55) Normally, when Britain went to war, Canada would automatically be at war as well, but King took a big step in not following orders from the mother country. Another accomplishment King succeeded in was demanding to be able to sign an international treaty without a British representative’s permission. (Cranny p.55) Once again, King did not follow the rules. He was supposed to receive a British representative’s signature for treaties, but he continued to push for greater Canadian independence. Secondly, The Balfour Report allowed Canada to receive autonomy and gave Canada equal status with Britain for creating laws. (Cranny p.55/56) This was one of the biggest steps for Canada to become more self-sufficient. It makes more sense that the elected members would be in charge of running the country. After all, the citizens did not vote for British representatives to set the laws. It would have
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