Pros And Cons Of Government Positions In Canada

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The Canadian Government positions should be elected by the people in Canada because it would prevent many problems by the members in the Canadian Government. People all believe that to have their own opinion is a great advantage but not all people have the time to do background research on the Candidates. By having the people of Canada vote for who they want would than restrict partridge from happening behind the scenes. Voting for our own leader in the senate would than help everyone in a great way. This would become easier on our daily lives. By democratically voting in government officials, the people of Canada choose by majority who they want in that position. This would allow the people of the country or province to elect the person…show more content…
These appointments may be made because somebody donated money or favours and the appointment is their reward for doing so. It has been shown that several judges in Canada have been appointed to higher end jobs that they may not have been qualified for but still received them because they donated money to the political party that gave them the job. They way the Canadian senate is ran is when the members are appointed by the governor general of Canada. If these members of the senate were elected instead of appointed, they should represent the Canada better because they would be chosen by the people. As an example in 2004 four people were elected senators in waiting but only one was appointed to the senate. Several problems could be avoided if these people we elected rather than being appointed by other members of government. The people of Canada would then be better represented if this was done. This would probably eliminate backroom deals that happen now to get these positions. People would then have to show that they are qualified for these positions rather than donate money which is just a way of buying the job. This would be a better, more fair way of getting qualified people for these
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