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Topic: Private Broadcasting Private broadcasters, as we know, run the television industry. They make their money selling advertisements (commercials) and the revenue enables a broadcaster to be successful. CTV, Global, CHCH, city are all examples of private broadcasters Over the years, the CBC, that is government funded, has been known to produce a number of radio and TV programs directly at and for the english and french Canadians. Private TV however, has relied mainly on imported foreign programs for the prime time TV. Although these programs were popular and are still popular, it led to a continuing struggle to create public policies to ensure a more Canadian approach to broadcasting. The CRTC, as we also know, are in charge of regulating…show more content…
Newton Minnow’s in his speech also refers to the idea television has the ability to influence people. He focuses mainly on children and that the content on TV does not benefit them. He emphasizes the fact that children, in 1961, spend as much time watching TV as they do in the school room. So Minnows asks the questions “is there no room on television to teach, to inform, to uplift, to stretch, to enlarge the capacities of our children? Is there no room for programs deepening their understanding of children in other lands” To relate Minnows to the current study of private broadcasting I will ask, If the goal of private broadcasting is suppose to ensure a more adequate performance of Canadian content to target all areas of the demographic population, do you think Canadian broadcasters have done an effective job? The goal of private broadcasting was to support the concept of radio and television stations broadcasting made- in Canada programming. Programs that Canadians can related to culturally, socially, economically etc... Homegrown productions. Canada is a multicultural…show more content…
So the question I want to ask is can private broadcasters afford to change? If private broadcasters are continually forced to compete with other broadcasters- such as the situation with CBC and the free digital streaming music service- how can they afford to change? How can they afford to compete with a government funded broadcaster? They need viewers so they play what will get them ratings. In order to implement there required Canadian program, low cost new is often the result If what people want to watch is foreign television and if it is cheaper to program foreign TV then the chance to make more revenue is higher. The video I previously showed demonstrated the vast difference in the amount of money it takes to buy the rights to show a foreign show and to create a Canadian TV show. It is evident that airing foreign TV is cost

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