Why Did Ulstermen Want to Maintain the Union with Great Britain?

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Why did Ulstermen want to maintain the Union with Great Britain? To further knowledge on this topic a number of main points will be addressed in this essay. The main reasons were – Ulsters industries, the fact that they thought they were British and their Religion. Clearly from the highlighted research this essay will find out why Ulstermen wanted to maintain the Union? The first of interest related to the maintaining of the Union is that the people of Ulster thought that they were British. The people of Ulster had a close relationship with the British because of the Great Famine. Ulstermen also thought that they were British and they were proud to say it. The British liked to help them and they felt more at home in Britain. More depth of this essay can be found by looking at the Religion of the Ulstermen. The second are of interest is the Religion of the people of Ulster. Most of the people who lived in Ulster are Protestant and they thought that Home Rule was going to be like the Pope ruling over them again. The Ulstermen thought that they were going to have to change their religion because the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party and most of the Party where Catholic. The Ulstermen also thought that their daughters would get their head’s shaved and would have to become Nuns. Obviously looking at the last area of interest will help you understand why people wanted to keep the Union. Further evidence needs to be highlighted regarding why they wanted to keep a union by looking at the industries of Ulster. The last area of interest is the industries of Ulster. During this time Ulster was known for making most things and they wanted to keep the industries going with the British help. The main industries of Ulster are; linen mills, engineering, shipbuilding but there were many more industries as well. Linen was the oldest industry in Ulster. It was cloth made
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