Rupert Brooke's All Quiet On The Western Front

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How did the attitudes of the British soldiers and civilians change during the course of the war and what caused these shifts in attitude? The soldiers went into war expecting the war to be glorious and easy. How did their experiences in war shift there attitudes about the war later on. The attitudes dramatically shifted from the beginning to the very end of the war. The opinion, as discussed in class by Professor Eacott, was it was going to be a very short war and he mentioned that there was a big sense of nationalism when he mentioned that each country didn’t want to feel humiliated by each other. In the movie, All Quiet on the Western Front those German soldiers were excited and felt invincible and that was a common trait of mostly all soldiers.…show more content…
The poem is written in sonnet form, which is important because sonnets are traditionally love poems. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke is a love poem for the England. The soldier is written in a voice that doesn’t represent just one soldier but the voice of all soldiers fighting for England. The repetition of using England a total of six times in the poem makes it more patriotic. The most important of the poem was his use of “under an English heaven” even after death the bond with England is strong. This is important because if heaven is an English heaven, it is important to God. Is their a German heaven in this time of Great War? The poem is crucial in demonstrating the blind love the soldiers felt for England. The term “if I should die” was probably a used phrase when the soldiers were writing letters to their loved ones. This poem captures the attitudes of the time of much patriotism. The men were willing to sacrifice themselves for England and dying with happy hearts. The beginning of the war was not as volatile so the view on the war was very calm and collective. The enthusiasm of winning the war and the confidence that it would be over by Christmas was very high. His deep love of his Country is very moving and the respect he shows for the English people is quite evident. This sonnet encompasses the memoirs of a deceased soldier who declares his patriotism to his homeland by declaring that his sacrifice will be the eternal ownership of England of a small portion of land upon which he

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