Queen Mary's Religion

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Andrea Horvath British Lit. Period 5 11/07/11 Topic #1 Essay A Religious Stand As Mary, Queen of Scots, grows up, religion plays a key role in her life and eventually leads to the cause of Mary's execution. There are many divisions of religion and Queen Mary was a strong Catholic. Catholics outnumbered most of the other minorities, including Protestantism, which in fact, was Catholic's biggest enemy (Scottish history, 1). In order to conclude how Mary's religion could have altered her outcome, Queen Mary's religious background can be observed from her childhood, to her reign in Scotland, and finally to the fight for the throne. Growing up as a child, Queen Mary experiences the finest tutorship in her religious upbringing. “She…show more content…
“Mary was the closest Catholic claimant to the English throne and Elizabeth knew some of her subjects were not above hoping she could be deposed and Mary made queen of both Scotland and England” (English history, 6). Because she was Catholic, Mary, had many Catholic followers, who wanted her on the throne of England instead of Elizabeth I. “In fact, Mary had been a tolerant leader in Scottish religious matters. But such was the extreme religious upheaval of the time, that tolerance was a sign of weakness” (Scotlass, 1). Therefore, the pressure from her followers led Mary to make decision to plot against Elizabeth, during her capture and imprisonment against her will. The casket letters, were to be found later in Mary's possession, which constituted her ultimate downfall. Once can see now, that after observing Mary's childhood, reign in Scotland, and fight for the throne. That religion did play a major role in her execution. As early on in her life, to the day she died, Mary Queen of Scots, represented a true Catholic follower. Queen Mary dies in red satin, symbolizing Catholic martyrdom and her never ending devotion to Christ. Religion was only one of the key grounds for the cause of Queen Mary's death. Works Cited Unknown. “Mary, Queen of Scots: Biography.” English History. Unknown. 27 Oct. 2011. Unknown, “Mary, Queen of Scots.” Renaissance & Reform. Unknown, 27 Oct. 2011. . Unknown. “Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1597).” Scotlass. Unknown. 27 Oct. 2011.
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