Why Asian Schools Can Teach Better

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In the article “Opinion: What Asian schools can teach the rest of the world” by Andreas Schleicher, we are informed of the success of Asian Education and its insufficiencies. Andreas Schleicher is an OECD's special advisor on education policy. He explains there are several factors leading to the success of Asian education, and we should adapt and accept them. Schleicher emphasized the success of East Asia's schools is not about cramming and training for tests. He finds out that the students have good performance when applying their knowledge creatively. Schleicher points out that society places a high value on education, and students consistently believe that achievement is proportional to the hard work. He mentions Asian education system pays a lot of attention to the cultivation of the teachers, and they insist on constantly improving their educational practice. However, the author also uses statistical data to show that negative psychological problems exist among students. He suggests we should study and adapt to the Asian education system. I think for the evidence provided by the author, for example, “ 75% say that school has taught them things which could be useful in a job,” there should be more details such as what grade are those interviewees in and the reasons why they have this idea. However, Schleicher's points of view are very credible and testable because he references some statistical data. And he constantly compares the differences between the Eastern and Western students which intuitively reflectes the existing of the problems. I strongly agree with author that a successful education is not about the students' talent, but constant hard work, creative use of knowledge and good teacher training can make ordinary students stimulate extraordinary talents. I agree with author that a successful education is not reflecting on how students memorize
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