Literature Review Mad Libs

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Literature Review Mad Libs Remedy Romania Emily Watson ENG 112- Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Working with a Template to Practice Synthesis In recent discussions of Revising No Child Left Behind, “can Obama’s blueprint fix Bush’s education policies?” The controversial issue has been whether congress should adopt Obama’s approach in rewriting No Child Left Behind. Some argue that this blueprint will be both beneficial to the communities and the federal government. Michael J. Petrilli a vice president of the National Programs and Policy of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute sided with Obama administration stating that this idea proposed by the president is a great standing point for congressional deliberations. In the Revising No Child Left Behind, Michael stated and I quote the blue print accomplishes two of the key goals that are in tension with one another. One can see why Michael J. Petrilli thinks as he does because President Obama inspires all to take personal responsibility for one’s own education and that in doing so success is guaranteed. You only get out of it what you put into it. This idea is supported by my own experience. For example, I know a lot of teachers who want to see NCLB go away. I think if those in charge would listen to the teachers more often our educational system would improve tremendously. The teachers are on the front lines and know what their kids need. A good teacher is not necessarily the one with the highest graduation rates. Rather, he/she is the one who best motivates students to value discovery and learning, and how do you measure that? From another perspective, others argue that the Obama administration proposal is determinedly rooted within No Child Left Behind philosophy of “measure and punish.” From their perspective this argument makes sense because not all the problems with schools should be blamed on
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