Why We Built the Ivory Tower

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“Why We Built the Ivory Tower” The essay I chose to write an analysis on is “Why We Built The Ivory Tower.” The author of the essay is Stanley Fish. The essay was published in The New York Times In 2004. He stated that academics should focus on their job and their job only, they should only vote on things that deal with their job, and that they should help students out. In the first paragraph Fish uses pathos, and logos to get his point across. His first example of logos is that if people did their job and only their job things would go a lot better, he also states that a person should not confuse their academic obligations with their personal beliefs. This statement makes a lot of sense because a person that is doing their job and only their job will do what the job has them to do and not what they believe they should do. He continues in the paragraph academics should interpret the world not try to change it. Another example of logos in this paragraph is when it comes to people that are academics on voting like “curriculum, department leadership, the direction of research, the content and manner of teaching” (p.175). This is building on to what he said earlier about doing your job and your job only, if you vote on stuff that deal with you will see stuff to start to get better. So, that statement is very logical. His usage of pathos happens later in the essay when states that people in higher positions should help out their students to get better opportunities and scholarships. An example of ethos is when he told his reader about the declaration on the “Civic Responsibility of higher Education.” (p. 175). This declaration said that colleges would help out students to get better resources. He says that Derek Bok was the lead person that behind the declaration. This essay uses logos and pathos very well. Fish uses a lot of opinions and not ethos. I feel
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