Summary Of Chapter Two: Capstone: A Project Approach

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Critical Thinking Questions: Week Two Tanya A. Wall EDU697: Capstone: A Project Approach (MJJ1232A) Instructor: Dr. Deborah Moerland August 20, 2013 Critical Thinking Questions: Week Two Chapter Two: Making the Shift: Schools Meet Society’s Needs Recognizing that this might seem like cliché from the 70's; but all we really need is love. Actually if you take an open minded love for man-kind, mix it with a great understanding of humanity, add honesty, integrity and a pinch of belief.... that would be a great start! The trick would be getting the politicians and the leaders of this great country to follow the recipe. Then you must consider if this will make the biggest impact on our society? No invention can come close to fixing…show more content…
| Yes | Is it effortless to sign up for? | Yes | Does it shift power from institutions to people? | Yes | Does the community generate enough content for it to sustain itself? | The site probably would not generate enough ongoing interest for a single course. It might if it continued on a course-by-course basis. | Is it an open platform that invites partnerships? | Perhaps | The groundswell represents threats to the institution of education only as far as we support the existing institution. Education must change to continue to meet the needs of society. The groundswell may be perceived as a threat to traditions and ingrained habits of teaching. Open communication between and among students, teachers, parents, and administrators can only serve to create an environment of understanding and

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