Murray And Ungar Synthesis: Are Too Many People Going To College

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Murray and Ungar Synthesis In the many recent debates about how to approach higher education, one issue that has constantly appears is the question of students benefiting from a liberal arts based education. Some argue that a liberal arts education is helpful in teaching students the basic life skills, others claim that a more specific field of study is necessary in order to b successful in life. In Ungar’s essay “the New Liberal Arts”, he claims that with a liberal arts education, students can benefit tremendously when they receive their jobs. In Murray’s essay “Are Too Many People Going to College”, he proclaims that a liberal arts degree is not highly recommended because the more difficult careers want students to take classes that are more specific to a job. Sanford J. Ungar and Charles Murray both conduct and display their own opinion towards the facts they learned through their own strenuous research.…show more content…
In Ungar’s argument, he shows that everyone having a liberal arts education can give a person a wide variety of communication and general work skills. Although a liberal arts education may be pricier, jobs are looking for people who are well rounded because of these classes. Ungar states, “the liberal arts could properly be described as a conservative approach to preparation for life” (194). In this statement, he is trying to show that some people prosper with a more conservative approach to things. Murray believes that some people should not even go to college. People, in a sense, get pressured by either family or friends to go to college. In turn, some of these people should not be in college wasting space of someone who could potentially have taken their spot. Murray sees the liberal arts education as simply learning the basics of the work force. He shows that if you have not learned the typical basics in high school, you should not be trying to go to

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