Who Is Responsible for Your Weight

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Who's Responsible for Your Weight? Obesity is increasingly becoming a major issue for the people in America. As a result, The United States Government has taken step towards regulating healthier choices for its citizens. Although government intervention can have a positive effect on helping people make healthier choices, limitations on what consumers are offered can also have a negative effect. In the article “Remarks to the NAACP” by Michelle Obama she argues the position that the choice of being healthy or unhealthy ultimately relies on the choices we make in our everyday lives. Obama states “We’re working to give parents information they need to make healthy decisions for their families” (425). However in the article “What You Eat Is Your Own Business” by Radley Balko he discusses that government intervention can be beneficial but should be focusing on self responsibly. Americans need the involvement of the government to help promote healthier lifestyles. Balko states in “What You Eat Is Your Business”, “Judging by the scheduled program, the summit promises to be a pep rally for media, nutrition activists, and policy makers – all agitating for a panoply of government anti-obesity initiatives, including prohibiting junk food in school vending machines, federal funding for new bike trails and sidewalks, more demanding labels on foodstuffs, restrictive food marketing for children, and prodding the food industry into more “responsible” behavior. In other words, bringing the government between you and your waist line.”(Balko 395-396) Having the government intervene in what our children can eat and also their recreational activities can help promote in a healthier lifestyle. Balko explains that our Government is intervening in ways that are not beneficial in promoting healthier
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