Is Obesity a Necessary Part of Society

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Functionalists would argue that obesity is necessary as a part of society. Functionalist's major arguement, after all, is that everything that exists must have a meaning and must be useful towards society as a whole. Perhaps functionalists would argue that by having obese people, we draw attention to problems in health care and obesity might be a key in leaning more about the human psyche, our emotional connection to food and to further explore man's relationship with eating and nourishment. The obese population might inspire others to be healthier and might inform and educate society as a whole about the dangers of obesity and it's overall impact. Whatever they argue or use to explain obesity, functionalists would say that it is valid and important to society and is better for society as a whole. Conflict theory is based entirely in power and how those in power do all they can to hold the majority of the population down and to keep them from gaining power, so as to secure their own position. Conflict theorists would say that obesity is a product of the living conditions, stress and poor quality of food and health education that those in power choose and enforce for those that aren't in power. Conflict theorists might say that those that are in power (those that make laws, those that own companies, etc) willingly set up society so that the cheaper the good is, the more unhealthy it is, and so the poor might only be able to afford cheap, unhealthy bulk food and become susceptible to obesity. Conflict theorists might say that food education might be controlled by larger government forces (like the Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, American Diatetics Association, etc), who look out for their own bottom line and corporate interests from sponsors and lobbyists. They might limit education about food intake and what is healthy
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