Which Counseling Theory Is Most Effective When Treating Rape Victims

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Abstract Sexual assault occurs with alarming frequency on college campuses. This paper will research the topic of rape or specifically date rape. It will present the definition of rape and introduce the different types of rape. It will then explore the ramifications of date rape and the symptoms and side effects that may lead to emotional and behavioral issues. Next, it will present how the reality counseling theory would be most effective in treating rape victims and how this treatment can be applied. Lastly, it will consider the secular and the Christian perspective approaches to rape treatment, with a detailed look at William Glasser’s reality therapy. How Effective is the Reality Theory When Treating Victims of Rape? Date rape is a misunderstood crime not only because of its social stigma, but because it is such a difficult crime to prosecute. Often people who hear the term date rape will dismiss the seriousness of the crime believing it was consensual because they perceive that the victim had an attraction to the person since they agreed to the date. Rape, regardless of who commits it, is a sexual assault that leaves the victim injured and traumatized. Victims of rape, especially when committed by an acquaintance, often feel a sense of responsibility for the attack and therefore seldom reports the crime to police (RAINN, 2009). Rape is defined as a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent (Webster’s Dictionary, 2012). Rape is a misunderstood crime. It is usually thought that the rapist is a stranger, but two out of three rapes are committed by someone the victim knows (RAINN, 2009). The truth is that not all rapes are the same. There is not a set qualification to be a victim, it can be anyone. Whether it is a young or old woman, a man

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