Argumentative Essay: The Ohio Rape Trial

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The Ohio Rape Trial During the Summer two high school football stars took advantage of an intoxicated female classmate, this case has drawn lots of attention because of the two teen football stars not only raped a teen classmate they also took pictures of the girl and distributed the photos throughout the school district through main stream media such as texting, YouTube, and other sites on the internet. The reaction of the onlookers such as the ones who received the nude pictures of the intoxicated teen should have helped the plaintiff in the trial to put these two teens behind bars. The rapists or the two teen football stars should’ve never had taken advantage of an intoxicated classmate like they did not only did they rape her they sent nude pictures throughout the school to classmates and the girl even later stated that the two teen…show more content…
The judges sentencing seems to be a less drastic verdict than what it should be not only did they rape a teen classmate they took pictures and videos of them doing so they should have been tried as adults due to the charges of rape and the possession of child pornography both serious offenses. I belive this situation could occur anywhere maybe even in our town but there are ways to avoid situations like this. This situation can happen to any person who would go to a party and get drunk, the person who had became intoxicated could be taken advantage. This situation could be avoided through procautaions such as parents keeping track of their children and having stricter laws on obtaining alcohol, there already some laws about underage drinking but these laws are easy to get around such as teens stealing beer from their parents or getting an adult to buy them beer from a
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