Should Minors Be Tried as Adults?

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Hannah Mr. Elenbaas Advanced Composition 8 January 2014 Should Minors be Tried as Adults? There is much controversy over the issue of whether a child should be tried as an adult if convicted of a violent crime. Minors are starting to watch adults who are doing violent crimes, and they think it might be okay if they do it too. But does this mean we can punish minors like adults? Minors should not be tried as adults because they have not experienced the world like adults have, and they are not competent enough to go through or understand a trial. Many argue that minors should be tried as adults because they know what they are doing, and since society is changing and it’s not how it used to be 10 years ago, minors should be tried as adults for the reason that they need to learn their lesson and realize the crime they did was wrong. But in a recent study examining the mental health of minors after being tried as adults says, “66% of youth processed in adult criminal court had at least one psychiatric disorder and 43% had two or more types of disorders”. Another study was done for adults and it said, “less than 35% of adult males have a psychiatric disorder compared to 64% of transferred Youth”. I compared the two studies, and you can see that minors being tried as an adult have more of a chance to at least one psychiatric disorder. Minors being tried as adults can lead to children having depression more often than adults do. It could also lead to minors wanting to do suicide. There was also a large number of youth who were in need of a psychiatric service in order to help them. (Office of Justice Programs.) Also, Scientists have proven that “the brains of adolescents are not fully developed. That's why youngsters are often impulsive, reckless and blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions”. So minors aren’t aware of their actions and aren’t
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