“Children Who Commit Adult Crimes Such as Murder, Should Be Tried as Adults.”

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If children were tried as adults it would be seriously unfair due to the fact that adults are much more mature. Adults have been on this planet much longer then children so why should children get punished to the same degree. Adults have the experience in these situations and have knowledge due to previous history to be able to make an educated decision. Children are still young and without this experience. I do think that courts should consider other factors, like the severity of the crime, the juvenile's previous criminal record and their upbringing, before determining if they should be tried as an adult. But, it should still be the goal of the court system to attempt to educate juveniles, rather than throwing in the towel at the first sign of violence, and sending them to prison with even more violent, hardened criminals. Some say that children who commit adult crimes such as murder should be tried as adults. Then you should be tried as an adult no matter your age. If you take a life from one you should suffer the same punishment if your 15 or if your 43. Its the same crime its’n it? Your age shouldn't be a deciding factor of life in prison or 6 months in a hold. You should not be un -justly punished if your 14 or an adult its the same crime. juveniles act on emotions or wants, without thinking their actions through completely. Oftentimes, juveniles are being influenced by an adult in their life. Courts and judges should look at who made the juvenile the way they are, and the living environment that the juvenile is from. It should not be fair that a 17 year old should be treated differently then an 18 year old, if they are a repeat offender. No matter the crime or the brutality of the crime, they should still know that wont be okay in the real world so why not be made aware from an early

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