Why Does Brainstorming Work So Important?

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Chapter 1 Quiz Question 1 Langer refers to a life in which we use our affective, responsive, and perceptive faculties as __________. Choose one answer. | a. mindless. | | | b. intuitive | | | c. creative. | | | d. mindful. | | | | | Correct Question 2 Routinized conformity and passive learning are what Langer calls __________. | a. compulsivity | | | b. mindlessness | | | c. categorization | | | d. reflexive behavior | | Correct Question 3 Common thinking errors in seeking our goals include | a. failure to compile a mental summary sheet. | | | b. not strictly adhering to a schedule. | | | c. explicitly identifying important goals. | | | d. concentrating on less important…show more content…
Why does brainstorming work so well? | a. Most people like socializing. | | | b. Individuals, working in groups, tend to discourage ideas that have little significance. | | | c. Critical thinkers are more effective in groups. | | | d. Working in groups tends to increase creativity. | | Correct Question 2 One of the greatest barriers to problem solving is accurately defining the problem. To help get a grip on the situation, the author suggests that the critical thinker would Choose one answer. | a. have others, who are involved, help determine the breadth of the problem. | | | b. find an expert in the problem in order to ask their input. | | | c. view the problem from different perspectives. | | | d. do more research to determine the accuracy of your information. | | Correct Question 3 In the article “When Is It Rape?” by Nancy Gibbs, the author cites many instances when women were victims of date rape. However, the argument is made that date rape is not as severe as street rape in that the victim knew her attacker and was to some degree emotionally involved. How can authorities determine if, in fact, a rape has

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