Whether College Students Should Take Part In Public-Service Activities

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For student's sake, engaging in public-service activities is beneficial to balanced and well-rounded education which is served to students. Students attend in the public-service activity which plays an significant part in students' education is better than the students who do not have the chance to attend or unwill to attend. Public-service activity brings us a tremendous excellent advantage which is unable to be learnt from the college, such as communication skills, confidence, and independent study. After these simply analysis, I strongly agree with the speaker's view. Meanwhile, in order to assure that each student receive balanced and well-rounded education, teachers should not wholly depend on public-service activity, they had better offer their own contribution. Engaging in a public-service activity, students practise their knowledge learn from classrooms in the college. There are so many telling examples, students in management department study a great deal of principles summarized by the formers and the merchant cases happened before. I concede that the knowledge in classroom is so significant that without this knowledge student will not be able to handle anything happen in the future. However, the public-service activity is more significant for students. The value of a student is not how many principles have he/she remembers, but the ability of solving problems at present. The public-service activity will imbue the ability into students. In addition, in the public-service activity, the sense of social responsibility will be enhanced. Admittedly, students' major task is to study the knowledge taught by teachers and professors. Under this circumstance, student will not realize the social responsibility which they must take. Without this sense of social responsibility, students may practise their knowledge in a improper way, or even worse. Hacker crime
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