Assess the View That the Main Function of Education Is to Integrate Individuals Into Society’s Shared Culture

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Education is currently one of the most important parts of our lives. It teaches skills needed for work, but also socialises students and passes on values. Education also develops a shared culture by socialising students together. Functionalists agree with the view that education integrates individuals into society’s shared culture, it passes core value onto students. Education functions as a key mechanism which glues children together and helps them by giving them a value consensus through the “hidden curriculum”. Parsons describes education as a bridge between the families and adult roles of society. Although functionalists think that socialization is important, they also think that it’s not the only purpose of education. Education also teaches the right skills needed for work and sorts people for appropriate jobs. Functionalists think that education gives students an equal chance to get the qualifications for their future jobs and if they rather choose to mess about, the only person to blame for their failure is themselves. On the other hand, Marxists think that education integrates individuals into society’s shared culture, but not in an optimistic way that functionalists believe that it does. Marxists think that education socialises students into becoming obedient workers as ruling class norms and values are passed on by the school. Education justifies inequality through different classes and supports capitalism. “The hidden curriculum” also prepares the students for the future world of work as school mirrors the workplace through hierarchical structures – teachers give orders to the students and students obey them. To conclude, education does have a huge impact on integrating individuals into society’s shared culture, but it’s not the main function of it. Education also prepares students for the world of work through the “hidden curriculum” and
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