When Harry Met Sally Essay

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Jordan Davis English 102 Emily Capettini October 31, 2012 When Harry Met Sally The film When Harry Met Sally confronts the differences between the sexes and speaks about gender roles and issues that had never been talked about on the big screen before. When Harry Met Sally was a significant eighties film because, it was the first to look into sex and friendship between both genders at the time. Another theme of the film is that each case of romance is different and Nora signifies this by the use of short sequences scattered through the film in which she interviews elderly couples and they tell their own version of how they met. It became such a memorable piece of culture not only because Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay but because of the way she had Harry and Sally communicating the way people would like to have communicated but could not. It was also the time when STD’s and AIDS came into the mainstream, so the themes of sex and intimacy interested audiences in 1980’s. Through their relationships, the film tries to answer the question, "Can men and women be just friends, without sex getting in the way?", and also shows what can happen to a friendship when sex does become involved. The story starts out in 1977 at the University of Chicago where Harry and Sally first meet. They are taking the trip from Chicago to New York where they are headed to launch their careers. Sally is driving Harry, who is the boyfriend of Sally's friend at the time, is catching a ride with her. Sally is a very structured person and to which Harry claims is a high maintenance woman. Harry, on the other hand, has a more laid back attitude. Right here Nora displays these characters as being complete opposites of each other. This causes some tension between them on the long drive. The eighteen-hour trip proves to be very interesting as we see Harry and Sally getting to know each other

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