Homosexual Father In Alison Betchdel's Fun Home

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Fun home is a graphic memoir by Alison Betchdel. It follows the author's childhood and youth, focusing on her complex relationship with her father. The book addresses themes of sexual orientation, gender roles, suicide and dysfunctional family life. Writing and illustrating “Fun Home” took seven years. “Fun Home” had great success and great critics. This biography is about Alison’s childhood growing up with homosexual father. In this autobiography, Alison Betchdel is not focusing on herself only, but also on complicated relationship with her father. The subtitle “Tragicomic” signals an interesting opposites theme that are prevalent throughout the book. The summary itself is very interesting, it weaves around Alison’s father’s death – possibly suicide – and Alison’s learning, a few months earlier, that he was gay. All this starting to happen after her letter to parents from college. The story of the father-daughter relationship is built up piece by piece, and does not form a full picture until almost the end. The book is discovering the father’s secret life and not so obvious connection between father and daughter. At the very beginning we…show more content…
This can be attributed to her father’s deep secrecy. It can be shocking when Alison first reveals her dad’s homosexuality when she says “…would an ideal father and husband have sex with teenage boys,” and how she talks about masturbation and sex and shows illustrations of her and her partner, but this is all because Alison wants things to be presented as honestly as possible since so much of her early life was shrouded in secrecy. She does not seem to like her father, but he has undoubtedly helped form who she is. Alison’s depiction of her father shows that she did not want to be like him. She forms analogies to their differences when she says, “I was Spartan to my father’s Athenian. This quotation best represents two opposite sides she and her father

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