Through Black Spruce Literary Analysis

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Through Black Spruce Throughout Through Black Spruce Joseph Boyden displays the theme of the importance of family relationships, well chosen friends, and having company, through Annie’s and Will’s separate adventures as they both travelled out and away from their homes to find or run from something, this emphasised by the multiple point of view way the story was told in. As Annie left to look for Suzanne through Toronto and New York City, she met many people who had known her sister as she too started off and grew to be successful in the big city, away from the small community they called home. It was very clear that Suzanne had a very well kept relationship with most people she met which actually helped Annie make it big as a model very easy. Whether it was the meeting of Old Man and Gordon on the street in Toronto, as her life was saved many times by Gordon, how the old modelling friends, Violet, Amber, Veronique and all of the girls, all friends of Suzanne’s welcomed her into their clique and didn’t think twice. They brought her along to nightclubs and parties all over the cities that Annie had been exploring on her long journey, where she dated DJ Butterfoot who had also had a thing with her sister before her. All of this because her sister had come through before her and flattened things out with the locals almost seemingly for Annie so she could fit in such a large, busy place with ease. In the town of Moosonee, Will had not a huge variety of people to pick form to be friends with, yet it seems he did make friends with the right people, but also made enemies with the worst possible person, Marius. In the end he realized that it was silly that their fathers could be good friends but they couldn’t discovering that good relationships and friends are a very important thing in life, though it was too late as Marius died no long after. When he shot

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