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Interpersonal Communications Essay

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Interpersonal Communications Experience
For Interpersonal Communications I observed the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. I related the movie with the theories from the book Interplay by Ronald B. Adler.   Interpersonal communication is the title for a variety of diverse types of communication. We use communication in our everyday lives to survive, provide for our families and to meet the needs of our co-workers. I will be providing examples from the movie to go along with what I learned in my readings. The concepts that I will touch base on are: Self- Disclosure, Listening Effectively, and Empathizing With and Supporting Others.
At the beginning of the movie when Sally is introduced, she is driving to New York and Harry, who is the boyfriend of Sally's friend, is catching a ride with her. Sally is a very structured person. According to Harry, she is a” high maintenance woman”. Harry, like the majority of men, has a more laid back attitude. While they are on their way to New York they stop at a restaurant where Harry tries to get Sally to open up about her past relationships, she is very stubborn in the beginning and will not answer him but after a brief pause she starts to explain. This is a good example of self-disclosure; when you use self-disclosure, you are choosing to confide in the person who you are speaking with by disclosing your inner feelings. I believe that self-disclosure is essential in developing the best kind of relationships if it is communicated correctly.   Not all people know how to use this form of communication effectively; I believe opening up to someone can create trust, which is essential for a great relationship. If someone chooses not to, or doesn’t have the knowledge to use self-disclosure it may cause lack of trust or develop a bad relationship.
As the movie went on Harry and Sally started to get along very well due to the amount of effective listening that was provided to each other. During the scene in the movie where Harry and Sally...

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