Women's Rights Then And Now Research Paper

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Women's Right's Then and Now Amber Jackson HIS 204 Prof. Germany Davis June 16, 2014 Women's Right's Then and Now During the course of History women have had very little to no rights and career opportunities as men. Being a wife and mother was considered the job of a woman. From 1865 up to today women have come a long way from being just a wife and mother. In this paper the topic of discussion is women from 1865 to the present. We will be discussing women in the workforce and how far they have come since 1865. Women and the suffrage and what they went through to have the right to vote. Women and the right to use birth control and having the right to make the choice at what size family that want.…show more content…
Some of the things in the Review were edited because it spoke of diseases that women could get, but Sanger pushed on because she wanted to get the information out to the women (Murphree & Gower, 2013). Some of the judgmental people that were putting the Review down were women saying that it was immoral for women to take birth control. That if women took birth control, they were dishonoring their husbands (Murphree & Gower, 2013). Women should not be judged on wanted to take birth control and use other contraceptives to prevent themselves from getting pregnant and…show more content…
Whether it a man and woman, man and man or even a woman and woman. "CIVIL MARRIAGE IS A CIVIL RIGHT" was a flyer that was put up to advertise an action on Valentine's Day in 2005 in Toledo, Ohio by the National Organization for Women (NOW) (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). This flyer showed that an event involving gay and lesbian couples would be seeking to get marriage licenses, while with support from heterosexual allies (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). They lesbian couples also wanted to fight the Ohio's Issue 1 on the legal union of marriage is between a man and a woman (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). All these couples want is to have the same rights to get married as any heterosexual couples. Over the United States more people have joined (NOW) and are doing campaigns in their own states such as Chicago and Maryland (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). (NOW) was established in June 1966 by twenty-six woman and they believed that the gay community should stay in the back and let them handle everything for the gay community, but they were wrong and in October of 1966 over three hundreds gays and lesbians attended their first meeting and five short years later thousands of people from all over the country have joined (NOW) (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). People from all over the country now recognize (NOW) as a real group (Gilmore & Kaminski, 2007). Even though it is 2014 there are still thousands upon thousands of gays and lesbians that still

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